COD/Pinterest Day

It’s crazy how unproductive you feel when you are sick.  My nephew Gabriel just started Preschool this last week.  Needless to say, the whole household got sick with whatever bug he brought home.  Everyone but Jon that is.  I supposed that is a good thing though!  (Of course it is…)  So we have been a little slow on keeping up with things for the business.   So this is what I did today to make myself feel better: Call of Duty and Pinterest.  That’s right… I am awesome….   I also ate Taco Bell which may not have been in my best interest, but I was starving since I couldn’t keep anything down Friday night or Saturday really.  Ate 2 corn dogs yesterday.  Then my stomach had a fit this morning after eating yogurt… forgot about the dairy products. :/  Oops.  Oh well!  Feeling better now!


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