Guess Which Superhero!

So before I talk about what the name of this post is, I am going to tell you about the next convention coming up! Woot!  I know all of you must be very excited.  Especially those of you around the Conway, AR area….. because of Comicon-Way!  What’s great about this con is that it is FREE!  That’s right!  Everybody loves free stuff… well almost everybody. It’s going to be held in the library.  You can get more information from their website or Facebook.  There’s going to be an art contest as well, so you better get on it while you can!


Now, for the “Guess Which Superhero!” Jon and I have been having fun at the cons with the different color bracelets and what the colors mean to different people. With all the new superhero movies coming out (including the new Iron Man!!) we are making some fun bracelets in the spirit as well. (:  We will be doing this with a few of the superheros so make sure you stay up to date with the blog!  Ahem!  Guess Which Superhero!



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  1. Shinobu says:

    This is interesting!Hm. I’ve never tohhgut about this before, in fact, I don’t think I have a favorite superhero, or at least not one off the top of my head right now.I haven’t seen the movie (Iron Man), but, the way you describe it, Iron Man DOES sound like the superhero I would pick too! Remember: I love anything geeky as well! =D I’ve never liked traditional superheroes that much anyway =P You know, those supermen/batmen/whatevermen that wear cloaks and use underwear on the outside & stuff like that lol Overall, I prefer superheroes or characters that have more brains than brawn, you know? Kinda like L & Light from Death Note, just to name one example. I think you’ll also agree with that haha So you like Iron Man better than Avatar? And it’s even your all-time favorite movie? Wow! I didn’t see that one coming! It’s THAT good, eh? I should watch it sometime too, then! I’m sure I would like it too BTW, why is my Yuna & Tidus icon appearing on here? Are we inside WordPress or inside your site? I’m confused lol

    • callsignlykaios says:

      You are on our site, of course! And Iron Man is definitely a favorite around here. However, I would have to agree with you on L from Death Note. (Light is a little to dark for me) 😉 But he is incredibly smart – but so is Iron Man. He is a scientist after all! Watch it and you may like it.

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