Summer is here!

Summer is here!  It’s a time to get out and enjoy yourself in the sun.  Make sure that you are prepared while outdoors: swimming, camping, hiking, paintballing/airsofting,  etc. with one of our survival bracelets.  You want to be ready for anything this summer, In Case Of…



Russvegas here we come

Sorry for the late post guys.  We will be in Russellville tonight around 7 until closing so if you want a custom fitted bracelet stop by!  We will make one especially for you!  (:   Look!  Sarah is super stoked for you to come see us there.  (Picture from last time we went there)  BONUS: Happy hour at the Hardback Cafe goes from 6-8.  Which is buy one get one FREE!  We LOVE going to the Hastings in Russellville because our local Fort Smith Hastings does not have a Hardback Cafe.  They need one…





Guess Which Superhero!

So before I talk about what the name of this post is, I am going to tell you about the next convention coming up! Woot!  I know all of you must be very excited.  Especially those of you around the Conway, AR area….. because of Comicon-Way!  What’s great about this con is that it is FREE!  That’s right!  Everybody loves free stuff… well almost everybody. It’s going to be held in the library.  You can get more information from their website or Facebook.  There’s going to be an art contest as well, so you better get on it while you can!


Now, for the “Guess Which Superhero!” Jon and I have been having fun at the cons with the different color bracelets and what the colors mean to different people. With all the new superhero movies coming out (including the new Iron Man!!) we are making some fun bracelets in the spirit as well. (:  We will be doing this with a few of the superheros so make sure you stay up to date with the blog!  Ahem!  Guess Which Superhero!



Up and Running!

Alright boys and girls!  We have brought in a new color!  Look at this picture and tell me what you think it could be!  I’ll even give you a hint… It’s not pink or yellow…. Anyway, we reordered a few colors as well as ordering a few new colors that are back ordered at the moment: burgundy, neon turquoise, and coyote.  We can’t wait to get the rest of the colors in.

On another note, OUT STORE IS UP AND RUNNING!  This is your cue to shout hurrahs, clap you hands… you know, whatever you do to celebrate.


For a very short time we are offering 10% off on our bracelets for the first 5 people that respond to us either by email or Facebook message.  Our online store is complete and we need some people willing to test the waters on our new system. We will give each of the five coupon code to get through check out.  The coupon code will only work on one bracelet, and you must be patient with us as we work our these kinks in our system.

Message away!

-Sarah Hoffman

(P.S. Sorry for such a lack of productivity!  We are officially married and settled in enough to get back to the business!)

COD/Pinterest Day

It’s crazy how unproductive you feel when you are sick.  My nephew Gabriel just started Preschool this last week.  Needless to say, the whole household got sick with whatever bug he brought home.  Everyone but Jon that is.  I supposed that is a good thing though!  (Of course it is…)  So we have been a little slow on keeping up with things for the business.   So this is what I did today to make myself feel better: Call of Duty and Pinterest.  That’s right… I am awesome….   I also ate Taco Bell which may not have been in my best interest, but I was starving since I couldn’t keep anything down Friday night or Saturday really.  Ate 2 corn dogs yesterday.  Then my stomach had a fit this morning after eating yogurt… forgot about the dairy products. :/  Oops.  Oh well!  Feeling better now!



Hey guys!  The first year “Konsplosion” went well.  We saw quite a few new faces there!  Thanks to all who came to support this “kon” and us as well.  There was a new show/team called Zombie Go Boom.  You can see one of their zombie victims in the picture.  It was pretty awesome to watch these guys live on stage.  In this picture, their weapon of choice was a pickaxe. It turned out to be a pretty bloody experience.  We learned that you should only use one end of the ax: avoid the blood.

The same people who did Konsplosion also host A2F which we will be at November 16th-18th.


Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Update/Weekend “Kon”

Hey guys!  This weekend we will be at Konsplosion in Fort Smith, AR!  If you are in the area you should definitely come and see us.  Be prepared for anything from music to zombies to burlesque shows!  It’ll be a crazy fun event.

On another note, I mentioned an online store going up soon!  It is in progress still and should be (hopefully) finished soon.  A few more touch ups and tying together some loose ends and we’ll be golden!  We are super excited about it.

Sorry for being so sparse on the blog.  Jon and I have been super busy with life and our day jobs are catching up with us.  Good news is that the hard work will pay off!  I am making a couple of steampunk jewelry pieces to sell and painted a little figure that is (in my opinion) super adorable.  I am going to try and finish some more projects before tomorrow, but we’ll see!


Meeting the Voice of Master Chief and Mario!

So, we had a great time at Glitch!Con.   It was great meeting some new people.  Two of the people we had the privilege of meeting were Steve Downes (voice of Master Chief from Halo) and Charles Martinet (voice of Mario).   We even had the opportunity to make them some of our awesome survival bracelets.  In return, they took a picture with us and signed Jon’s limited edition Halo 3.  It goes without saying that Charles received a blue and red SIEGE bracelet, while Steve received a black and olive drab SIEGE bracelet.  Great match for the characters that they voice!

We would like to thank GlitchCon and everyone that helped out to make it a success.  It was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to go next year!



Say hello to my little friend!

Meet the new mascot of In Case Of…  This little guy will be going will be traveling with us to all of our shows from now on.  This little guy needs a name and as soon as Sarah and I figure out what exactly we are going to do about it there might be a free giveaway in the works for whoever gives us the best name.

Just a reminder that the In Case Of… team will be a glitch con this coming weekend selling our awesome zombie survival paracord bracelets and hopefully getting my collectors edition of halo 3 signed by the voice of master chief himself.


We hope to see you guys there



Word Camp and New Ideas

Hey you guys!

This weekend we are attending word camp in Fayetteville, AR.  There is a lot to learn here and we’ve met some awesome people!  It looks like we are going to be revamping our website pretty soon which is exciting.  Is there anything you guys would like to see on the website that we don’t have?  Let us know!

Here are a couple bloggers that we met at word camp.  Some pretty cool people!

Paige –

Kim –

One more announcement.  This next week (hopefully) we will be sitting down to talk about possibly opening up an online store to make our bracelets more accessible to the public.