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  • What Does Your Business Do?

    Our company manufactures products that are both fashionable and functional. All of our Survival Bracelets are made out of at least 7 feet of 550 paracord that can be unraveled at any time and used for any purpose the user can think of. 550 paracord can hold up the 550 pounds of weight.








  • How can these bracelets be used for survival?

    The first time I saw these bracelets was on the wrist of an individual that was in the U.S. Army.  These bracelets are worn by members of the military so that they always have 7-19 feet of 550 paracord that they can use if the end up in a survival situation.  This 7-19 feet of 550 paracord can be used to help an individual survive in a dangerous situation.  This rope can be used to build fire bows, snare wild game, fish, mend clothing, building a lean to shelter, and countless other uses.  This survival bracelet is a great survival tool because it is something that you will always have on you In Case Of any situation.

  • Can I purchase your products at a retail store?

    Our bracelets are currently available at Arkansas Outdoor Supply in Siloam Springs, AR.  If you are interested in carrying our product, contact us at:

    • Sales.incaseof@gmail.com

    You can also contact us through out Twitter or Facebook account.

  • How can I contact you?

    In Case Of… is located on Twitter and Facebook.   You may contact us through either of those as well as contacting us through e-mail:

    • Sales.incaseof@gmail.com

    Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as well as placing an order for a custom built paracord bracelet.

  • Are there any coupons?

    Our company occasionally offers deals on our bracelets as well as doing free giveaways!  Follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook to keep up with these deals and free giveaways!